Pacific Seat Heaters


    Bolster Seat Heating Pads

    Part #: SH-B-03

    Thermal Fiber Wire Construction Alternative installation procedure availabl...
  • square-switch

    Universal Square Seat Heater Switch (Rocker-Style)

    Part #: SH-R-SWs

    ***Available Fall 2016*** Stylish and ergonomic Hi/Lo LED illumination in t...
  • SH_R_02sw_2-resized

    Universal Round Switch (Rocker style)

    Part #: SH-R-03sw

    Compatible with Pacific’s Central Wire Harness Round Face Plate Stylish a...
  • SH_R_pd2-resized

    Single Seat Heater Pad

    Available, single pad only. Mix & Match Pads (Carbon Fiber , Flexwire ...
  • SH_R_02har-resized

    Pacific’s Central Wire Harness

    Part #: SH-R-HNS

    Comes with 5-pin automotive relay. Installation is a breeze with this modul...
  • SH_R_02ext-resized

    42″ Switch Extension Wiring

    Part #: SH-R-EXTs

    Also available 17″ pad extension, part # : SH-R-EXTp . Extra wiring f...
  • SH_R_02-resized

    100% Carbon Fiber Seat Heating Kit

    Part #: SH-R-05

    SH-R-05 18″L x 9.75″W available July 31st, 2017 Aftermarket OEM...