Complete Kit


Wheel Bands™ is the world’s leading rim protector for Alloy and Mag wheels.

We’ve all been victims of curb side damage to our rims.
There’s nothing worse than knowing you scraped the curb, getting out of your vehicle and seeing the damage and making that face, like you wish it never happened.
We have a practical and stylish solution that will not only save you grief and money, but provide you with a styling choice the market has never seen before.

The best solution in the world is Wheel Bands™.
They are the easiest to install, and provide the most flexibility to accent your wheels with style.
It is a 2-part kit with a groove track and snap-in colour insert.
If the insert gets damaged simply pull it out and snap in a new one.
If you want to create a stylish look then choose the insert that matches you paint colour and snap it in for a 2-Tone sporty look.

2 Big Reasons to get Wheel Bands™

If you are buying your vehicle, it’s all about resale value.
Maintain the look of your new rims buys by simply installing Wheel Bands™.

If you are leasing your vehicle then Wheel Bands™ is a must.
When your lease expires in 3-4 years and you return the vehicle to the dealer they will charge you a minimum $300.00 per damaged wheel.
That is their cost plus a mark-up to get the rim repaired and make it look presentable for resale.
You don’t want to bring your vehicle back with 4 damaged rims.

When you get a set of Wheel Bands™ for your rims, you’re buying peace of mind and getting style as a bonus.

2 Year Warranty
24,000 miles or 40,000 kms